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Today I wanted to discuss a few non-traditional bodybuilding foods that may be helpful to add some variety and flavor to what should be a bland diet. :) 
I will also add some of my thoughts on them and the history of the idea behind such foods.

First off, I need to reiterate just how popular fitness has become as a industry- and so the market responded and now most supplements and bodybuilder foods can be bought at the most typical of stores-like Walmart. In fact I would go as far as to say that a bodybuilder in 2017 can find pretty much everything they need (including a pharmacy if that is part of your plan for TRT or whatever) at Walmart and to a lesser extent Costco. (The infamous and mysterious online poster "GH-15" had a hilarious post once about going into GNC and picking up the best looking supplements, pick them up and hug them and then put them back on the shelve and leave the store- head straight to Walmart and start buying frozen fish instead- and I wholeheartedly agree) 

Many sports nutritionists now tell people to buy supplements at Costco. Mainly due to cost. For example, my local grocery store sells a 2 lb Isolate for $35 ($17.50 per pound) but last week at Costco they had the same product in 5lb buckets for $42 ($8.40 per pound) and the regular price is only $49. So skip the supplement stores in the mall and shop either online or at big box stores to save money –big time.

1.     KOOL-AID water flavour drops (or any brand) 

WATER! The body is composed primarily of it and so having clean water flushing through the system is a must. If you want to build muscle or lose fat you need water. Kool Aid water flavour drops are what Mr O himself Phil Heath uses this in his water occasionally but always has it on hand. 

Now I am fan of clean and fresh water - pure and simple. But when you want to really drink lots of water- like gallons per day- having some flavour really helps. 

Back in the day people only could drink diet soda for something sweet, then things like Crystal light came out and sugar free powders. 

Many people use BCAA to flavour water today. But in light of all the recent BCAA bashing which is rather justified-  it might NOT be worth your money to drink BCAA for the flavour alone Lol. I do use BCAA when I workout (come at me bro :) but that is more for the aminos and not the flavour. If you want to flavor your water skip the $40 bucket of BCAA and use these concentrates Kool Aid drops for a fraction of the cost, like $2. 

If you want to skip the artificial sweetener stuff, then use a fresh lemon or fresh lime or fresh grapefruit juice to add some flavor and adjust the PH of the water.

2.     Barilla Protein Pasta
Barilla are a great pasta company and they have gluten free and traditional forms. But they also have come out with a protein pasta whichuses grains and egg whites to get like 17 g protein in a serving. Add just a little meat or tuna or even cottage cheese (13g or so) and you have a full blown bodybuilder meal- low fat, high starch, high protein. This is not new, MET_RX had a version of this stuff years ago but it was expensive in comparison. I bought Barilla protein pasta for $2 box on sale just this week at local grocery store.


1 cup pasta protein cooked, 
1 cup baby spinach leaves, 
1 cup low fat cottage cheese with 
1/2 cup tomato sauce on top! 

*hot sauce, parmesan cheese, and garlic powder are optional but recommended. 

3.     Dole Pineapple Juice – (the stuff from the Philippines in metal cans)
I am not a fan of carb powders since they are rather boring ways to get starches and sugars into us. I like flavor and nutrition, real pineapple juice is both delicious, and chock full of bromelain the enzyme used to digest fats and vitamins and even a small amount of fibre and protein. After a workout or first thing in the morning is a great time to drink it mixed with some vanilla Greek yogurt or some vanilla or fruit flavored whey isolate.

You can also buy it in little cans which I love, but the large cans are easier to find.

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