Sunday, 15 January 2012

3 Instant Mood Boosters from the Fitness Philosopher!

1. Listen to music: When we listen to music we "attune" with that music. Studies have shown that heavy metal music will stimulate adrenalin and give us energy, while classical music can relax the body and thoughts.  Music can change how we feel in an instant. That is why music is so important in churches, nightclubs and gyms where people desire a mood lift. So make an effort to put on some of your favourite music when you need a mood lift. The music should be something that you really enjoy, maybe a theme from a film like Rocky or your favourite pop song that gets you moving without trying. Let the music lift you up!

2. Go Outside: getting up and going outdoors will fill you lungs with fresh air, fill you ears with new sounds and fill your eyes with new sights. Studies have shown that being outside for a little as 1 minute can boost your mood! Sunshine is a need like water and if neglected we can feel depressed.

3. Smile: even when not feeling great we can always "kickstart" our mood with a smile. The actual act of smiling can boost our mood and one study at Harvard showed that people were happier when "physically looking up and opening their mouth"-I call it catching snowflakes! Give it a try!