Wednesday, 15 August 2012

3 Instant Mood Boosters: Part 2

1. Take a warm bath. 
Taking a warm bath will 'take you back to the womb' and to the place you peacefully existed before you learned about stuff like sales quota's, income tax and that you are going to die sooner then later. So 'model' the womb by taking a warm bath, in low light, as quiet as possible (maybe use a sound machine or fan as white noise) and you can even add salts like epsom salts or oils like 'Clary Sage' or 'Lavender' essential oil which will help calm your mind. You only need about 20 minutes to get the mood relaxing effect.

2. Take a 20 minute nap.
While meditation in its many, many forms can be helpful for stress reduction, most of the  physical benefits can be had by merely napping. Since there are many forms of meditation and it takes time to learn, if you want some of the benefits just lie down for 20 minutes and close your eyes. This will give your brain a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and refresh you for the rest of the day. Don;t worry about 'doing it right' or falling into a deep sleep or anything, just relax and enjoy the silence. 

3. Watch or read something funny.
We all to often take our lives way too seriously and sometimes watching or reading comedy can give us a 'higher' perspective on how we fit into the human situation. So don't write off cartoons or comics as 'for kids' since the most cutting edge social commentary is often found in comedy and shows like the Simpson's actually go over most people heads with many of their 'intellectual' jokes- for me anyway. 


  1. These are three of my favourite things in the World to do! Thanks for reminding us of the importance of taking quiet times to recharge. :)


  2. I am happy you liked it Miranda! Most things work best when the batteries are fully charged- and humans are no exception! Lookout for part 3 coming soon!


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