Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring Cleaning!

Frank Zane AKA the Chemist! 

Now that Spring is here it is a good time to re-think your fitness habits. One of my favourite old school bodybuilders Frank Zane was a thinker, a math teacher and quite philosophical. He talked about how it is easier to get in shape in the spring since there is a natural shedding in nature and a re-energizing of the environment that we can tap into to. Perhaps that is why so many bodybuilders flock to Sunny place to live! Here in Canada the lack of sunlight in winter puts a lot of people into 'hibernation mode'. When the sun sets at 5pm and there is 4 feet of snow outside it is hard to feel 'springy' and want to jump around. Now that spring is softening the environment we can use the opportunity to get outside more and play! Here is a simple plan to ease into spring!

Spring Clean Up Plan:

1. Eliminate all beverages except for water, herbal teas and black coffee. This will create an automatic calorie reduction in your day without changing your main eating habits. Water is funny stuff, if you don;t drink enough you will hold water and look puffier and so drink lots of water and to keep your system moving. Ask yourself does my blood seem more like a stagnant pool or a rushing river that creates all kinds of neat electrical charges! 
2. Try and walk outdoors 3 x per week with someone else or alone. Go outside and walk for 10-20 minutes and then walk home for a good 20-40 minutes of fresh air and cardio. Don't wear a hat and let the sunlight hit your forehead! 
3. Do some resistance training 2 x wee. Something like swimming, yoga or weight training to challenge your muscles. Squatting onto a chair for 60 seconds will get you started, add in some push ups and planks and your are doing great! 
4. Maybe paint a room or clean out some closets to 'refresh' your living space! 
5. Buy some new sneakers or comfortable shoes or even workout gear to motivate you to use it! 

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