Monday, 23 March 2015

Philosophy of Sport/Ethics/Pharmacology/Women

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So I thought I would do an article that had something to do with both fitness and philosophy again, and in the area of ethics no less. :) Well kinda, I don't really think 'drugs and sports' is a very philosophical area. Really it is about personal choice and the laws and rules in a given context. No deontology or utilitarianism necessary.

My argument is this: there are lots of women using steroids today in sports, bodybuilding shows (well duh) but also in physique shows and fitness modelling. In fact it is much easier for women to use steroids then for men, even if the side are way worse in women I would say.

Here are five reasons why I think my statement is justified.

1. With the proliferation of underground labs and people ordering chemicals on the internet -the availability of 'real steroids' has increased dramatically in the last decade. Compared to the 70, 80, 90 when the majority of steroids were international pharmaceuticals. Steroids are now easy to come by.

2. On top of this is the proliferation of 'research chems" (thyroid, clem, etc.) which anyone can order and use-if they feel that is a good idea. LOL

3. the amount of women in bodybuilding shows- be that bikini and physique has exploded right along side the availability of these above mentioned drugs.

4. thanks to Instagram and Facebook (and Crossfit) people now love to post pictures of women with loads of muscle posing. So 'the look' is fashionable.
According to Natty or Not: She is NOT (as in not natural) -but I will refrain from judging her :)

5. Number five is really the only important point- my main one as far as gender goes. Steroids are what were traditionally called MALE hormones such as testosterone. This means that women will respond to even very small doses of these drugs since their body makes and uses very little of them naturally. This means that a women can make gains on very small amounts of easily obtained oral steroids like ANAVAR and WINSTROL and don't have to worry about getting shut down or having to inject grams of oils every week. 

So I guess my point is this: since the drugs are easily available AND the look is in fashion, and some people can make money off this 'look' and women can get results on small doses relatively, when you see a women who looks like she is 'juiced up' she probably is :)

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