Thursday, 1 October 2015

Fall fitness tips

The ancient Greeks saw time as a circle, like how we see the year, as a rotation. In Canada we get some serious seasonal changes. In my neck of the woods the summer can get up to 40C and in winter we can have 10 feet of snow. That means we need different wardrobes even to deal with the changes. Many people I know like Fall the best, since it is full of life but also cool and breezy. I have written previously about a Spring training, and how Frank Zane thought one should train with the seasons. On that not I offer 10 tips for designing a fall fitness routine.

1. Get outside and move. The weather is perfect for outdoor fitness, not too hot or cold. Perfect time for walks in the parks or along the water or anywhere. Aristotle always walked when he taught. Do it before ice covers all!
2. Take advantage of harvest season. The classical Greeks had Harvest festivals to celebrate the bounty of the summer. Go pick some apples, or visit a country vegetable market for some local nutrient packed plants!

3. Easy on the candy. With Halloween In the fall, there will be plenty of individual ( read environmentally horrendous) packed candy laying around. Get a loved one to hide it for you,don't rely on crappy human will power.

4. Clean up the yard or local playground or park. Do a community a favour while moving outside.

5. Start thinking of BIG. This is the time of year,post summer, most people can work on building some new muscle while adding a little fat (you have too somewhat to grow really) but remember to not use this as an excuse to gain like 50lbs that will be difficult to remove in the spring.

6. Focus on more sleep. Now it is getting darker and colder, hitting the hay early is much easier then when it is still light at 10 pm.
7. Remember that winter is coming! And that it will be much harder to get outside and walk and stuff and so really make an effort to get out today and for as long as you can.
8. Try a new routine. If you have been following a program or style for a while, switch it up.Maybe try some hot yoga or a new gym or get coach to make u a new routine.
9. Try fasting. With cold weather comes an increase in calories and maybe beer lol, so this is a good time to play with fasts, like half day or full day fasts.
10. Make sure you get plenty of light now that it is getting darker. That can be artifical light, getting up for the sunrise or even visiting garden nurseries for their bright indoor lights!


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