Saturday, 29 January 2011


HOW TO LOSE FAT: well first of all, body fat is really just filled up fat cells and we can never lose the fat cells  once we have gained them (well you can with liposuction) BUT we can empty them out and shrink 'em down.  Second we never "lose" fat since we do not wake up one day and realize that we cannot find our fat anywhere. (I swear I had some fat on my butt when I went to bed-where did it go??? lol) fat won't fall off and get lost -we must mobilize it and use it for what it was intended-energy. So we must:

1. Get the fat cells to release fatty acids into the blood.
2. Use the fat while its circulating in the blood.
3. Prevent the fat from re-entering the cell.

 So fat loss does not have to be hit or miss, trial and error but can be systematically done with the correct exercise protocol and lifestyle. I will post an example of a exercise and diet plan for fat loss next post-so stay tuned.

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    Andrew J Cutler Ph.D.Candidate
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