Saturday, 24 January 2015

Dialogue 1:

 ok I will reveal the truth for everyone. 
hmmm Vel X sounds promising-hope it comes back soon :)

This is how supplement industry works in the form of a dialogue: 

 TOM: 'hey jim, how the family? you still got all the supplement bulks?" 

JIM: 'hey tom -yes of course all the same as grandpa had, whaddya need? whey, soy, mct, arginine, fish oil, or is it some other waste product from the manufacturing industry like old hair or feather (we use those for amines now)

 TOM: "i just need some mct jim' 

JIM: "what for tom-been at least a decade since anyone bought any'

 TOM: "cause I have a new SCAM called bullet-proof stuff here u put MCT's on and in all your food"

 JIM: "ok awesome-how many tons u need today"?

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