Monday, 19 January 2015

The philosophy of aesthetics : Rococo and revolution

French 18th century Rococo is rather cartoonish in nature and a preclude for much of the Disney style

In the 18th century Rococo painting was meant to provide a return in art to a lighthearted, pure visual pleasure. It was also a symbol of meta-cultural decline. Often depicting the wealthy French upper class flirting and spending leisure in a classical high art way. This was the pre-revolutionary 'luxury' that was a sure sign of the ensuing collapse of the traditional society. The abuse of the poor by the rich for the sake of luxury summarized by that teen queen. The combination of a world of teenagers who can live luxuriously while being so naive of the suffering of others is rampant today.  “Let them eat cake” is the words of someone confusing pleasure with survival and was someone who was right for overthrow and revolution. 

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